Master & PhD in Economics
Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Job Market

Every year, some of PhD students attend the international job markets (European Job Market for Economists organized by the European Economic Association, U.S. job market organized by the American Economic Association) looking for positions in prestigious universities or in public or private sectors.

Placement officer: Francis KRAMARZ [francis.kramarz[at]]

CREST PhD Candidates 2019-2020

List of candidates:

BELLEGO Christophe
Empirical industrial organization, quantitative marketing, applied econometrics

Labor economics, applied microeconomics, firm dynamics

Econometric theory

MONTES Alfonso
Game theory, microeconomic theory

RAJ Anasuya
Public economics, taxation

TRICAUD Clémence
Public economics, political economy

Empirical industrial organization, econometrics


Placement in the past job markets


  • ABOUTADJINE Reda, World Bank (Young Professional Program).
  • JAGELKA Tomáš, University of Bonn, Post-doc.
  • MONTIALOUX Claire, Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California Berkeley, Assistant professor.


  • FRANCO-BEDOYA Sebastian, World Bank (Research Analyst).
  • LYONNET Victor, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University, Assistant professor.
  • MARGUERIE Alicia, World Bank (Young Professional Program).
  • MOLINA Hugo, KU Leuven, Post-doc (now at INRA, Research Fellow).
  • NEVOUX Sandra, Banque de France, Economist.
  • PERNAUDET Julie, University of Chicago, Post-doc.
  • SKANDALIS Daphné, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Economist.

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