Master & PhD in Economics
Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Rules of the Second Year (M2)

Students choose between 20 and 28 ECTS in the first semester. The choice of courses over the entire year must total 40 ECTS. The master thesis counts for 20 ECTS.
Students are free to choose they courses as long as the timetables are compatible.

PhD Track students must follow at least one Advanced courses track (for instance "Advanced Microeconomics: Game Theory" and "Advanced Microeconomics: Design and Study of Markets"). If they progress to the year 3, students must have followed two Advanced courses tracks by the end of year 3.
In addition, PhD Track students must have followed « Topics in the History of Applied Economics » by the end of year 3.

Dissertation 20 ECTS

October-December: Determination of a research topic and choice of a thesis supervisor, bibliographic research and data sources.
February: The name of your advisor and the title of your dissertation must be reported to before mid-february.

May to september: Master thesis defenses can take place in May, June, July (first session) or September 2022 (second session).
Completed Dissertation (of about 5,000 to 10,000 words) must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to defense to the jury members.

The advisor (ie. directeur de mémoire) must be chosen among the teachers of the master’s team. If you plan to choose an external advisor, you must then choose an internal co-advisor who will normally serve as a second member of your defense jury. In addition, you must ask the director (myself) for permission to do that.

Fields of excellence at our CREST research center (and HEC Paris research group), and potential areas of specialization, include:
- Econometric theory,
- Environmental and development economics,
- Financial Economics,
- Game and decision theory,
- Industrial economics,
- International economics,
- Labor economics,
- Macroeconomics,
- Public economics

Courses: First term (S1)

Financial Economics – course location: HEC

Corporate Finance Theory24 hours
Bruno Biais4 ECTS

Banking and Financial Intermediation24 hours
Guillaume Vuillemey4 ECTS


Monetary Economics24 hours
Olivier Loisel4 ECTS

Courses: Second term (S2)

Financial Economics – course location: HEC

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains12 hours
Bruno Biais2 ECTS

Empirical Corporate Finance18 hours
Pat Akey3 ECTS

Industrial Organization and Digital Markets

Digital Economics18 hours
Michelangelo Rossi3 ECTS

Competition Policy in Practice: Cases18 hours
Thibaud Vergé3 ECTS

Labor Economics and International Trade

Urban Labor and Housing Markets12 hours
Benoit Schmutz2 ECTS

Applied Labor economics18 hours
Roland Rathelot3 ECTS

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